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What is World Scholar’s Cup ?

World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is a competition founded by Daniel Berdichevsky and it’s done in the host schools.

It aims to:

-motivate students to practice and learn more things

-help students practice how to discuss their opinions

-make students more creative

-make students be able to do teamwork

* It has 4 essential parts:

1: Scholar’s Bowl

You and your team are in the theater. You have a clicker. You need to click the answer before the time runs out. You and your teammates may disagree at some points, but don’t forget that it’s time to brainstorm.

2: Collaborative Writing

You will be given 6 prompts, from each of the six subject areas (only choose 3 of them). You have time to search before you start writing. When the writing session starts, you mustn’t talk. Then, you have more time to discuss your paper with your teammates. Try to be creative and make sure your work excites your readers.

3: Scholar’s Challange

It’s a kind of multiple-choice test. When you’re confused between options, mark both of them! But if you mark fewer, you can get more points. Everbody’s interests are different so there are different topics like history, arts, science…

4: Team Debate

Each team debates three times. You have 15 minutes to search after the topic is given. You will have 4 minutes to talk about it. After all of this, you should give feedback to the other team on how to improve. Don’t forget to work in a team.

I have been to WSC once and it was great! I still smile when I remember the memories from there. At the beginning of it, we were nervous, but the opening ceremony was so fun and it made us relaxed a lot. It’s really different from most of the other competitions. You can meet new people and learn new things, it’s a great competition to improve yourself.

If you want to join in WSC competition, Eskişehir Round is going to be held in our school TED Eskişehir College on April 27-28, 2020.

You can visit the website for more information: https://www.scholarscup.org/

We are looking forward to be in this event!!


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Interview About WSC

In this part, we asked our friends who participated in the competition.

Questions and answers are here:

1- When did you take part in the competition?

Alya Kara and Eylül Aytaşkın: We went to WSC last year, in 6th grade.

Kunter Çetin and Aybüke Yılmaz: We went to WSC last year, in 7th grade and the year before that, when we were in 6th grade.

Nigar Abiyeva: I went to WSC last year, in 7th grade.

2- What do you think about the competition? Was it easy or hard for you?

Aybüke Yılmaz: It was hard for the first time. I didn’t prepare enough. But, the second time (last year), I prepared a lot and it didn’t seem so hard for me.

3- How did you study the topics before the competition?

Alya Kara: I had extra lessons after school with my friends. We had a discussion group. We talked a lot when there was something that we didn’t understand and I asked the teacher some questions about the topics to make them clear.

4- Did you have fun?

Nigar Abiyeva: How can I say NO? Of course YES! The days which I practiced for this competition, were the days which I can’t forget forever in my life.

5- Did you learn new things?

Aybüke Yılmaz: Of course, I’ve learned lots of new things from literature to arts and music. I think what makes WSC more special than other events is that it teaches you lots of new things and gives you joy. Even if your experience didn’t go well, you would feel happy because of the things you’ve learned so far.

6- Would you like to join again?

Eylül Aytaşkın: Of course yes. I would like to do all the things that I did when I was at WSC.

7- Did you improve yourself thanks to WSC?

Alya Kara: Absolutely. I think there is no chance not to improve yourself because you speak a different language and you have a chance to improve both your English and your debating skills.

8- What do you suggest for the new scholars?

Kunter Çetin: I can say that they should study if they really want to have a great, high qualified experience in WSC, but try to have fun as much as you can too.